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"AlaïaAzzedine Alaïa in the 21st Century” at the Museum NRW-Forum in Düsseldorf





@smithsonien why don’t you go eat a white pussy and hop off Kanye’s new black ass dick. He ain’t shit anymore. But I guess y’all do have one thing in common (you don’t give a fuck about (darkskinned) black girls!) please figure that out? Please figure out why the fuck I could run circles around…

Lol I’m not gonna respond to what you said because I didn’t read all of it and I won’t because I don’t care enough, tho I should mention I deleted the post to avoid redundant confrontation. I will clarify some things I do love black women of all colors also I don’t know how you came to that conclusion or it’s relevance. I stand by what I said , you don’t seem to know what racism is -is what I implied by calling you dumb- and was annoyed at seeing it misused for the hundredth time. Sometimes ignorance annoys me

Cultural appropriation is racism. Dreads on white ppl fall into the category of cultural appropriation. As a black person, I do have the right to be offended or not, as do you. Yeah I listed ‘discrimination’ ‘prejudice’ blah blah etc.. No she’s wasn’t doing all of that because it was a joke. Anybody can clearly and obviously see she wasn’t doing that. Idk if she’s says nigga and I don’t know how she feels about iggy it was a J o k e there also aren’t days of the week for racism!! She, as we both later found out, wasn’t even being racist. But for you too attack me & insult me for no reason over misinformation being spread, and a literally harmless joke, is why you got attacked right back. And I honestly couldn’t give a fuck less what you’re opinion of me is. I didn’t ask. I still don’t care. And it doesn’t matter. And you don’t care about what I have to say? Yet you @ed me on a post.. And obviously lurking on my blog because that @ ain’t even go thorough. But you were bold af to @ me so I’ll give u your 10’s for that

Well I disagree that cultural appropriation is racist, I’d like to learn why you say that if you’d be so kind as to explain. (I know I didn’t support my point just now) but, also it wasn’t clear that it was a joke whatsoever, IMO at least. The funny this is I like your blog and you’re right I shouldn’t have attacked you personally calling you dumb which is partly why I deleted it but yea. Also I wasn’t so called lurking on your blog I rebloged it from someone else

How dreadlocks are racist:

How cultural appropriation is racist:

Honestly Idc if you like my blog at this point. And cultural appropriation is racist. Yes I have credible information as well as facts that form my own opinion on it and I could sit here and describe it differently from how either of those posts did but you don’t deserve that and I don’t have the time I’m logging off now anyways. Don’t even bother following me. I get you deleted the post but you still haven’t even apologized and it was very obvious it was a joke. I put ‘discrimination ___day’ is that a day now? Is that a real thing? Nah.. so stop reaching, you we’re mislead, I was mislead, and that girl that posted it fucked up, point blank period. But unlike you, I never insulted her and really don’t have anything to apologize for. I’ll apologize to you for calling you ugly and I guess I’m sorry to her as well for calling her racist. But that’s it. I’m not discussing this anymore.


i got out of bed at 11:30 to make this



he is risen

Todd is bacc !!


when your alibi adds up


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Make everything louder, i wanna hear my eardrums quake

Creep Blocker Script






For those of you who may have stalkers or creepers visiting your blog repeatedly, this is an easy and foolproof script to use to protect your privacy and give you some piece of mind.

License is public domain so share it everywhere. Don’t even have to credit me.

Stymie your stalker fucks the same way I did! Geoffrey Leonard redirect optional.

my redirect link is the logout of tumblr page so it forces them off tumblr lol

what do i use to see the IPs/traffic of people on my blog?

Most traffic trackers do that for you, e.g. StatCounter

Beyoncé @ the Eiffel Tower (September 15th, 2014)

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